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“Wet Shampoo” is markiemodel’s raucous debut release. While markiemodel maintains his longstanding devotion to the errant immediacy of analog keyboards and vinyl-ripped beats as a vehicle for melodic self-expression, the object has changed: markie searches for surprises and raw power, rather than sparkling and ornate synthesized constructions. On “Wet Shampoo” the mood is brooding and the context is kinetic; the sound punctuated by psycho-sexual synth stabs and slipping arpeggiators. A transfixing rhythmic rumble awash in percussive artillery provides the substrate for lyrics markie indicates are linked to death confrontation and personal recovery: “Who are you?” and “What am I gonna do with you?” he asks primarily of himself. A poignant inquiry, perhaps, in an age of technologic tsunami, flooding fanfare and civil upheaval. But an answer is not forthcoming, at least, no more than it is anywhere else. The vocal sounds fall apart and repeat mindlessly, in turns, while an arpeggiated climactic sequence grinds out an ending that risks sending Mr. Reznor spiraling once again. A harbinger of things to come? One can only hope, so lather, rinse and (blast on) repeat! 


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MARKIEMODEL is the newest project of synthetic auteur and self-proclaimed “prince of chaos,” markie. Established under the auspices of his collective-turned-label, HOUSE OF THE MODEL, think of markiemodel as the rafter-rattling, id-driven branch of markie’s artistic phylogeny. Having cut his teeth as designer and laborer of reimagined synthetic sound for Class Actress and his own group, The Model, a pair of retro-futurist acts that hit before Kanye, Taylor Swift and everyone else was caught dabbling in “80s vibes,” these days you will find markie thrashing about in the deep-end of zhuzhed-up grunge for a dark dance floor.

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WET SHAMPOOmarkiemodel
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(my good friend Shari Vari from Void Visions has been helping out at shows..who knew she is also a killer drummer?!!! <3)

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