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the model is an american electronic music group

the house is where the model is made

there are many people, places, and things

in the house that makes the model

the model was founded by markie in 1997

music from analog and early digital synthesizers

505 and some pedals

ideas from western and eastern philosophy

a keyboard stand made from old dental chair parts


the model productions was created in 1997

a manifesto was drafted with several friends

semi-annual philosophic-kraut-pop parties

were held in Philadelphia warehouses

facilitated by many artists, designers, photographers, and musicians

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a full-length album was recorded in 2003

Darkness Within Darkness

the collection lead to two or three more experiential performances


in 2007, a second full-length album was recorded



on Physical, more traditional song structures

were embraced and celebrated

the album was reviewed by both national and international outlets

“a perfect example for dance parties” of how to “play new-wave synth very well” (Slug Magazine)

“stop-the-presses-level radio-techno” (Glide Magazine)

“somewhere between Fischerspooner and Pet Shop Boys” that “push[es] electronic music’s boundaries” (Big Shot Magazine)

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after the release of Physical

markie went on to produce music for Class Actress 

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in 2021, markie collaborated with producer and dj Justin Paul

a new single, "Little Dreams"

mixed by 2x Grammy Award winning engineer Vaughan Merrick 


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the release of "Little Dreams"

was followed by the reissue of Physical

as Physical (Deluxe Edition) in November 2021

featuring remixes by Taurus & Vaggeli, Matt Cue, Ode Makes A Smile, Smitty, Justin Paul, and others

and with several unreleased versions of songs


following the release of Physical (Deluxe Edition)

the House of The Model created

a series of audiovisual objects

with music from "I Won't Be Hanging Out Anymore"

artwork from the album

mixed media illustrations and photography

they were minted on hic et nunc on December 3, 2021

since then, many audiovisual objkts have been created

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